PiPo Max M9 kitware firmware

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PiPo Max M9 kitware firmware

I successfully patched my PiPo M9 Max using vitha's ROM.


I had a couple of issues at the beginning. I was unable to connect to the device using RKAndroidTool in Windows 8. In that case, I just used a Windows XP in virtualBox environment using USB passthrough in archlinux to upgrade it.

The touch screen was not working and the brightness was inverted ("The higher the value, the lesser brightness literally). This was fixed by just changing the kernel from Rockchip's one in the archive. I guess it was a driver module issue.

Most of the google apps were not working at all. So I simply downloaded the GApps zip from cyanogenmod from 10.1 version and installed from Clockwork mod recovery and Cleared the cache, it was working fine then.

By default the settings in the ROM reads device as Nexus 7, so you'd just have to change the build.prop.

Rest, I am happy with it. If you have any question just give me a shout!

Credit goes to Vitha for creating the ROM. Please upgrade at your own risk. I do not take any responsibility.

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Glad to see 4.4 appearing

Glad to see 4.4 appearing somewhere on horizon. I've seen some work in progress in some places as well, but they have issues. Does the camera work?

Yes Camera works. 98% of

Yes Camera works. 98% of everything I have working. The porting was not some much of the issue, the issue was getting 4.4 working with the older kernels, because do not have coding from pipo to make a new 4.4 kernel, You can flash 4.2 kernels with my rom.