New official firmware (Dec 30, 2013)

PIPO has released another firmware, PiPO M9_software_3G&WiFi_chinese version_20131130. It's a slow download from Asian site as usual, so just like last time, I'll mirror it on this site aswell - download here
Though this is supposed to be Chinese firmware, there is still the same install wizard with an option to change language on first boot (like October 30th version has). 
Only "major" change I've noticed so far, is that there is new button on taskbar that allows hiding it. If you want to show it again, just swipe from bottom of screen.
Few observations:
  • Still android 4.2.2
  • No multi-user feature available
  • Multi-window feature is still there
  • Skype works, no issues with any applications

Technical details

Official ROM, update#85_M9_3G%26wifi_1.0.9_NOMMS_20131130.img
Kernel: Linux version 3.0.36+ (root@lzj-desktop) #85
Build: rk30sdk-eng 4.2.2 JDQ39 eng.root.20131130.092954 test-keys
Version: Android 4.2.2
Benchmark results
Antutu (on battery power): 18275, 18926 (was 19827 on previous firmware)
Antutu (on AC): 18573, 18481 (was 19509 on previous firmware)
Epic Citadel (on battery power): 37.4, 38.6 (was 43.1 on previous firmware)
Epic Citadel (on AC): 38.7, 38.8 (was 43.0 on previous firmware)
I must say that the installation was not clean when I did tests - I had my everyday software installed on it. Might have affected something, because these numbers are indeed lower than before, and they also appear to be pretty random. Since only visible change is this fullscreen option, I'd say You can very well stick with the previous firmware (Oct 30, 2013).