How to root Pipo M9 using Windows

Here's long awaited rooting tutorial for windows. Hopefully you can get windows drivers working okay, because they didn't work for me and I found way how to do it on linux instead.
If you have previously done steps 1-3 (for example, if you have rooted this tablet before and you want to do it again), skip to step 4.
1. Download USB driver for your device - These drivers are shipped with Rockchip Batch Tool. Extract files somewhere,
2. Turn on tablet "USB Debugging" (Menu > Settings > Developer options > USB debugging),
3. Connect tablet to computer, it should ask for drivers, point to drivers you downloaded earlier. If everything works, it's all good.
4. Download and extract it somewhere. Credits for original rooting method go to TPSparkyRoot. 
5. Root your device by running root.bat file in extracted folder. Follow on-screen instructions.
P.S Our user, luckyko7, posted a topic with alternative rooting method for windows.